Model: Hy60Ex
Recovery Volume: 60 Litres
Recycling Time: About 3 hours
Power: 5.0Kw


  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: hongyi
  • Model Number: Hy60Ex
  • Type: xylene solvent recovery machine
  • Type: Hy60Ex xylene solvent recovery machine
  • Processing capacity: 60 Litre Per 4 Hours
  • Temperature: 210 °C
  • Voltage: 380V or Custom
  • Power: 5.0Kw
  • Cooling method: Explosion-proof fan air-cooling
  • Processing time: About 3 hours
  • Dimensions: 900*600*1350mm
  • Weight: 160KG



Versatile xylene solvent recovery machine

Hongyi xylene solvent recovery machine can separate the contaminants (resins, polymers, pigments, paints, oils, etc.) from the solvent, suitable to recycle all kinds of solvents, including mixed solvents; also can be used to treat industrial wastewater!


Save money, significantly save money! Hongyi xylene solvent recovery machine can save a lot of money for you!

Hongyi xylene solvent recovery machine can significantly save money and reduce the expenditure on disposing of waste solvent and buying clean solvent. Let us take example by Hy60Ex xylene solvent recovery machine and estimate the cost of the investment recovery period below:

  • Can significantly save money for you, and reduce the expenditure on disposing of waste solvent!
  • Dramatically reduce the solvent purchase quantity! You always have clean, pure and high-quality recycled solvent, with good performance, supply to the production line.
  • Very short investment recovery period!
  • Help your company to eliminate pollution of the environment, and improve the image of the company!

So excellent it is! Hongyi xylene solvent recovery machine is very influential & very popular in the market many years!

Hongyi xylene solvent recovery machine is very influential and very popular in domestic markets, well sold and exported to the Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Canada and Mexico etc. for many years.

  • The xylene solvent recovery machine industry leading enterprises in China!
  • Are professional, in research & development, manufacture & export.
  • Have rich practical experiences about recycling solvent in various industries for many years.
  • Have more than ten thousand customers in China and thousands oversea customers.
  • Can world widely provide standard & custom-made professional equipment, and solvent recovery technical guidance.
  • Quality is guaranteed: Independently researched, standardized, developed & mass-produced products.
  • Whole machine explosion-proof safe structure, adopting the latest European & American standard (ATEX), and Chinese explosion-proof standard (CNEX) design and manufacture.
  • Thermal oil heating system: Rapidly heating and safer than direct heating system.
  • Vessel volume from 20 L up to 450 L, or custom-made 1000L, easily and freely to choose.
  • High-quality recycled solvent, clean and pure, continuously supply to the production line.
  • Durable & stable performance, less in material consumption, low maintenance cost.
  • With renewed, latest and useful solvent recycling system to meet your needs.
  • It’s a very short payback period! Only need no more than half or one year.


Operation Instructions

  • Plug into an outlet, connect the power (compressed air is required, if equipped with the vacuum device or feeding device)
  • Open the lid, pour the waste solvent into the distillation bucket, tightly lid the distillation bucket
  • Turn the power switch to the ON position, the machine started and began to heat, until the solvent boiling
  • Steam into the condensation system, cooling and liquefaction, collected the clean solvent
  • Clean the distillation bucket and remove the residue


Main features

  1. Only an electrical power supply is necessary.
  2. Air-cooling system: No consumables requirements, no pollution to environment.
  3. 32 stages control function: Suitable to recover all kinds of solvents, especially suitable to easily and quickly recover mixed solvent.
  4. Over pressure protection function: When the pressure is too high in the solvent bucket, the pressure relief valve will open automatically.
  5. Automatic shutdown protection function: Automatically shut down, when the solvent almost completely has recovered.
  6. Explosion-proof electric control box and external digital temperature controller: Directly and easily set machine, especially for operation in hazardous environments.
  7. Stainless steel flexible hose to protect the wire.
  8. Dumping structure design: Easy to clean the residue.


Optional equipment: Vacuum device

The vacuum device is auxiliary equipment used for distilling the high (higher than 150℃) boiling point solvent. If equipped with the vacuum device, the boiling point of solvent will be able to reduce 30% to 40%, the solvent is very easily heat, the recycling rate and efficiency will increase significantly, and for example, when the vacuum meter pressure is -60cmHg, the boiling point of water from 100℃ will down


Optional equipment:Pneumatic feeding pump

The pneumatic feeding pump may easily and continually or regularly pour the wasted or dirty solvent into the solvent recycling bucket instead of manual feeding, especially suited the solvent recycling machine with large recycling bucket, such as 125L, 250L and 450L.


Optional equipment: Solvent Recycling Bags

The solvent recycling bags is suitable for all varieties of the solvent recycling machine except the machine equipped with 450L distillation bucket. Our solvent recycling bags meet, perhaps exceed all specification requirements of the customers, including dimensions, material thickness, and temperature & chemical resistance. We can supply whatever quantity of solvent recycling bags if you need, whether you use your solvent recycling machine once a month, or many times each day; and whether you are a distributor or a supplier.



  • It is suited to equip with the vacuum, the feeding device and the recycling bags. You are welcome to customize products.
  • Nylon and woven Teflon liners are available for the distillation bucket, can be custom-made.
  • The cooling system of Hy20Ex solvent recycling machine can be custom-made and changed to the water cooling system according to the requirements of customers.
  • The power supply voltage is optional, can be custom-made such as 110V, 220V, 240V, 380V or 400V; single phase (one phase) or three phase (or tri-phase).
  • The parameters of recovery time and recovery rate are for reference purposes only. The actual parameters depend on the solvent type, impurity content and environmental temperature.
  • The heat transfer oil is ready, no need to pour the heat transfer oil into the new machine!